Some of the newest, most simple consumer products found in our search for the Global Top 5 Clean Energy Technologies.

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Emergency Preparedness

  • Sun Oven -- Solar Cooker - A cooking solution for energy conservation or emergency preparedness.  Durable appliance reaches reaches 400 F.  Not only is the energy free, but the solar oven keeps food more moist -- yummy.
  • Tulsi-Hybrid Solar Oven - Makes solar cooking more practical, with its electrical back-up, switching automatically between solar and electric power, depending on sunshine availability. Uses 75% less energy than a conventional oven. Can bake a wider variety of food than a grill.


Affordable Residential Renewable Power

  • Making Algae Biodiesel at Home - Downloadable 650-page book provides detailed instructions on how to sustainably produce clean oil from algae -- in your back yard -- enough to supply your transportation and home power needs.  This is not an simple afternoon venture, but a serious, long-term commitment.
  • Electricity - Make It, Don't Buy It is a great way for the homeowner to do something now with hardware and techniques that are available today.  It is a smart way to take advantage of someone's expertise and send you right to where you want to be: generating your own electricity after investing a moderate amount of effort and money in something that definitely works.  The guesswork has been removed.  All you have to do is follow in the author's footsteps. -- Ken Rauen, Science Advisor PES Network Inc. and Founding member of New Energy Congress

Fuel Economy

  • Best Hydroxy Technologies - A listing of technologies that use onboard electrolysis to create HHO/Brown's gas to add to the fuel to improve mileage. The ranking of "best" is based on 1) amount of power enhancement it provides, 2) credibility of claims, 3) stage of arrival in the marketplace, 4) affordable, 5) ease of installation, etc. (PESWiki; July 1, 2014)


  • HyCO 2DT by Eagle Research Improves Truck Mileage ~10% - The HyCo 2DT, invented by George Wiseman, is a fuel efficiency technology that can improve turbocharged engine (diesel or gasoline) mileage by 10%, which can result in huge savings for semi trucks that drive 8 hours/day on average. He is presently offering a discount for the beta testing roll-out.
  • ScanGauge II - It's amazing how much better mileage you can get just by adjusting some of your driving habits such as slowing down your acceleration, and using the AC more conservatively.  The ScanGauge ($159.95) is a best-seller for tracking your automobile statistics with ease. Unit plugs into the diagnostic connector found under-dash on most 1996 and newer cars and light trucks.


  • EMF Safety Super Store - is the place to buy Gauss meters, RF meters, shielding.  Action you can take against the body-penetrating effects of electromagnetic fields.
Cell Phone Shielding


  • eMedia Press - See our listing of books by Peter Lindemann and Aaron Murakami, including The Secrets of Tesla's Power Mangification, Tesla's Hidden Discoveries, Open System Thermodynamics, Magnetic Energy Secrets, The Real History of the EV Gray Motor, Battery Secrets, . (PESWiki)
  • The NEC Endorses Breakthrough Power - After a month-long review and voting process, the New Energy Congress now officially recommends that the book, Breakthrough Power by Jeane Manning and Joel Garbon, become the flagship public education tool for the new energy movement. (PESWiki; Dec. 12, 2008)


  • Electromagnetic >
    Keppe Motor -- Manual and Kit - The Keppe Motor is a highly efficient electric motor that greatly reduces the consumption of electricity -- by as much as 1/5 -- apparently by capturing scalar energy from space.  Their demo motor, powering a fan that usually requires 50 Watts, pulls less than 4 Watts for the same output. (See also our PESWiki page) 
  • Radiant Energy > T. Henry Moray >
    Son of T. Henry Moray Releases DVD (Interview) - John Moray's new DVD, "The Sea of Energy in which the Earth Floats", reviews the work of his father, T. Henry Moray, who allegedly built a device that harnessed "radiant energy" from the cosmos; witnessed by hundreds, but never successfully commercialized. (PESN; December 12, 2008) (Buy)

Battery Reconditioning -- Start Your Own Niche Business



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